If you require a root canal, Salt Lake City patients rely on the most gentle dentist around

When it comes to a root canal, Salt Lake City dentist Dr. Poulson and his friendly knowledgeable staff are ready to take care of you. When a tooth gets infected or consumed with decay and it affects the nerve, a root canal may be necessary to return the tooth to its healthy state.  It’s a process that the dentist has performed numerous times and does so in the gentlest way possible. Once a root canal has been completed, Dr. Poulson may recommend a crown be placed over the tooth. With the newest technology available in the office, the dentist is able to provide a crown that is the same color as the rest of your teeth to ensure that the tooth is cosmetically pleasing as well.

Turning negative experiences into positive ones is our specialty

In some cases, our patients will tell us stories about having a root canal done at a different Salt Lake City dentist’s office. Sometimes those stories are of a previous root canal being a painful process. At Dr. Poulson’s office, this procedure is nothing to be afraid of and certainly is not painful. He treats each one of his patients as if they were members of his own family, ensuring that all procedures large and small are carefully done. This is why all of Dr. Poulson’s patients continue to refer their friends and family, boasting that the dentist and his staff are amazing.

Living with a  painful tooth is not necessary

Living with tooth pain from an infected tooth or decaying tooth is nothing short of an awful experience. It not only affects our ability to drink, chew and talk but also can cause pain and discomfort in smiling and sleeping as well.  If you are having tooth pain or are in need of a root canal, Salt Lake City dentist Dr. Poulson is here to help. We want you to rest assured that we will work effectively to get you the pain free smile that you deserve.