Providing Preventative Care Above The Rest Of The Salt Lake City Dentists

When it comes to Salt Lake City dentists, Dr. Poulson and his staff are very knowledgeable in preventative dentistry. There is no better way for us to better help our patients to have the beautiful smile they desire than to teach the basics of preventative care. At a young age children are taught the importance of good oral hygiene and taking care of their teeth. Unfortunately, with a poor routine or even genetics sometimes our good habits fall by the wayside. Our team of professionals spends time one on one focusing on the importance of preventative care with each of our patients, delivering the best plan for each individual.

Creating a routine and easy to follow home habits is key

With a thorough exam and cleaning, Dr. Poulson can detect any problem areas before they occur. Making routine office appointments and continuing the same care at home are vital components of a preventative dental routine.   He will spend time reinstating how important it is to floss your teeth daily and will make sure that you understand the benefits of doing so. He and his team will focus on the best ways for you to continue care at home and if necessary what additional steps to follow to prevent any tooth problems in the future.

Preventing the worst case scenarios is one of our major goals

One of the reasons why preventative dentistry is so important is that Dr. Poulson and his team routinely do far more than general cleanings and x-rays. They understand and want to relay the importance of what kind of an impact taking good care of your teeth plays. Over the last 35 years Dr. Poulson has seen numerous cases of poor oral hygiene habits that led to cavities, tooth decay and even oral cancer. Knowing that some of these cases could have been prevented is one of the reasons why the staff in our office will make sure to thoroughly and find and diagnose any existing issues and take the time to create a plan just for you. Doing all of these things in a manner that is comfortable and family oriented is what our office is all about. After all, once you walk through our doors, you are like family to us.

The patient and friendly staff of one of the best Salt Lake City Utah dentists are available at your convenience to make sure that your preventative care routine is on track to getting you the smile you desire. Call Dr. Poulson’s office today and make an appointment to get back on track to a healthy smile.