Creating Individualized dental implants, Salt Lake City dentist Dr. Poulson will recreate your smile

If you find that you are in need of dental implants, Salt Lake City dentist Dr. Poulson will create a specialized plan for your cosmetic dentistry needs. Each patient is unique and will have their own individual care plan in place involving either a crown, bridges or dentures as the final result, depending on your needs. Once the titanium implant is placed and the healing process is complete, Dr. Poulson will then complete the process by putting in place the dental implant restoration, which is the actual visible portion of the dental implant. Whether it is a crown, bridge or denture, Dr. Poulson and his staff will ensure that the process is streamlined and you leave the office with the confidence of a beautiful smile.

Providing individualized care for each unique patient

When the dentist finds that you need a dental implant for a single tooth, then a crown is fastened to the titanium implant. If multiple teeth need to be replaced, a bridge of teeth will be fastened to multiple implants or a denture will be placed when implants need to act as retainers to stabilize a removable dentures. Whatever the case, Dr. Poulson will spend time on a one on one basis determining the best recommendation for your specific situation.

Taking the financial worry out of implant dentistry

Our office also understands that our patients sometimes worry about what the dental implant cost is. Fortunately, our office has the ability to offer our patients a variety of options when it comes to the dental implants cost. A tooth implant doesn’t need to be something that is put off due to the fear of a financial burden. If you need dental implants, Salt Lake City Utah dentist Dr. Poulson is the experienced dentist to call. Trust the dentist and his staff to help you through the process step by step and get you on the way to the beautiful smile you deserve.