Patient viewed as the most valued Cosmetic Dentist Salt Lake City can provide

When you find yourself in need of a cosmetic dentist, Salt Lake City area dentist Dr. Poulson has the experience and knowledge to help you to create the bright smile you’ve been wanting.  Our team sees patients frequently for cosmetic dentistry in Salt Lake City. Whether it is for teeth whitening, veneers or dental implant restorations, our team of professionals is knowledgeable in every aspect.

Tooth whitening procedures so advanced you can use them in the privacy of your own home

The process of teeth whitening has become anything but invasive and the dentist can even recommend a tooth whitening plan that involves you doing it right in the privacy of your own home. The dentist spends time creating a whitening plan that fits your needs to give your teeth the whitest possible smile that you desire. Veneers, or tooth shaped shells have also become a popular way of improving the look of your smile as well. The dentist adheres these shells to the front of your teeth to hide severe yellowing, cover up large gaps or hide misshapen, cracked or worn teeth. Dental implant restorations are another option in our office that will get you well on your way to a healthy, long lasting smile. This process is more in depth and requires multiple visits. It’s a process of implanting a titanium dental implant and then attaching either a crown, bridge or denture, depending on your needs. Our staff is here to answer any questions that you have about cosmetic dentistry options.

Our family friendly staff is focused on all of your cosmetic dental needs

When needing cosmetic dentistry, Salt Lake City area dentist Dr. Poulson has an experienced, family oriented office environment that encompasses all of your cosmetic dentistry needs. In the last 35 years the dentist has enjoyed creating long lasting relationships with his patients and has been confidently taking care of all of their dental needs. Cosmetic dentistry has evolved into such a streamlined process and with his dedication the dentist has been able to create specialized treatment plans for each patient based on their individual needs. If you are considering dental implant restorations, veneers or teeth whitening, call the office of Dr. Poulson and let him and his professional, friendly staff make an appointment for you today to get the smile you desire.