One of the best dentists in Salt Lake City

Dr. Poulson is one of the most fantastic dentists in Salt Lake City. What sets his office apart and makes him such a fantastic choice for a family dentist is his ability to create trust. He and his team have worked diligently over the years to create a relationship with his patient’s that allows them to trust him. He treats each patient as a family member and will never recommend a treatment plan unless he knows for sure that it’s the best choice for that patient. He will avoid anything invasive unless absolutely necessary and if a major procedure is necessary will ensure that the patient is completely comfortable through it all.

Patients consider him one of the best dentists in Salt Lake City

Dr. Poulson takes pride in keeping his patients happy, creating a bond with each of them as if they were friends. His policy on treatment is very simple; if he wouldn’t want it in his mouth, his patients aren’t going to get it in theirs. He makes sure that each patient’s treatment plan is as least invasive as possible and as comfortable as possible. Dr. Poulson wants his patients to leave his office knowing that they have received the care and attention that they came in for and leave with no pain or discomfort. His patients will leave his office looking natural, feeling comfortable and knowing that they have received the quality of care that they visited his office for in the first place.

Professional treatment plans where the patient is well informed

Dr. Poulson realizes that there are many dentists in Salt Lake and has created a unique office environment because of this. He wanted to ensure that his office was a step above the rest and has been able to successfully accomplish this. He truly believes in treating each patient as if he would his mother, wife, brother or sister and always has the patient’s best interest in mind. Dr. Poulson continues to give his patients his professional opinion and gives treatment options whenever possible. Dr. Poulson is very thorough and will make sure that each of his patients understands the scope of the treatment and leaves his office feeling great.

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